Tooltips are misplaced

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Tooltips are misplaced

Postby kerryhall » 2020-12-31 02:33

Fresh install of Debian 10. Window manager is fluxbox.

Tooltips appear underneath the cursor, usually obscured by it.

This is mainly noticeable in LibreOffice, one of the only applications where I use tooltips, but it seems to occur in other applications also.

Is there an x and y offset for tooltips in an xorg config somewhere? That would be a quick fix.
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Re: Tooltips are misplaced

Postby VentGrey » 2020-12-31 22:16

I think that libreoffice tooltips are hardcoded and have little to no customization at all. You can still try to modify them in:

Tools→Options→LibreOffice→Advanced→Expert Configuration

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