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Just starting

Postby Rips23 » 2004-03-10 17:47

I'm just starting with linux after being a little irritated by blue screens and a computer that is slowly getting as fast as my grandma (when she sleeps).
So after searching on the internet I think debian is the flavor for me. Some say it's a difficult distribution and others say it's userfriendly and easy when you get the hang of it, just don't give up the first time it wont do what you want it to do.

So I made my choice but the first question that pops up is: What are the minimum requirements to setup a fully working desktop computer?

And second : does somebody know a good howto to install it. When I use google I get to much links.

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Postby MarkvD » 2004-03-11 16:20

For me is Debain the #1 GNU/Linux distribution.

First time installers with a little indersranding of how a computer works should have a lot of help with this documentation.

If you have any questions don't hasitate to ask them, I'm sure we can answer them here.

Have fun !!
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Postby NGene » 2004-03-11 19:36

I would probably say that Debian may be difficult when installing and configuring for the first time, but very easy and user friendly when maintaining, upgrading and installing software.

For example, I know from my own experience that it's hard and confusing to download and install OpenOffice in Windows, but much easier and faster to download and install OpenOffice in Debian.
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Postby tim » 2004-03-13 02:40

I've only been using debian for a bit over a month and I really like it. Like others have said, the installation is a bit tricky but if you don't give up you'll be rewarded with a very nice and stable system. I'm using woody, and have been able to set up wireless networking and I have access to my windows xp partition. For a very good step-by-step guide to installing woody, try this web site:


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Postby Rips23 » 2004-03-15 21:24

I didn't get any problems.
I must say I'm a little disappointed :wink:

It's easy when u use commen sense (or is it the a good guide?)

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