Build Jost (FOSS VST, DSSI, LADSPA host) on Debian Sid

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Build Jost (FOSS VST, DSSI, LADSPA host) on Debian Sid

Postby mzilikazi » 2008-01-02 17:38

I must confess that I wrote this some time ago and have not had the time to test it again. If you try to build Jost (according to this howto) and it fails just say so and we'll have a look.

Jost is the first open source multi-technology (native VST, DSSI, LADSPA) host in linux. It uses JUCE for the GUI.

JUCE (Jules' Utility Class Extensions) is an all-encompassing C++ class library for developing cross-platform applications.

Install some prerequisites:
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apt-get install libxml2-dev libjack0.100.0-0 libjack0.100.0-dev jackd libuuid1 uuid-dev xorg-dev libasound2-dev dssi-dev dssi-utils ladspa-sdk liblo0 liblash-dev liblash2

Get jost
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unp jost_src-v0.4.3.tar.bz2

You must get the VST SDK yourself. It is unfortunately not redistributable. (insert rant about software patents here)
Enter some name and email address (you need not confirm it), accept the licensing agreement and click "Send form" to download the sdk.
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rm -f vstsdk2.3.dmg vstsdk2.3.sit
cp -a vstsdk2.3/source/* ~/jost-v0.4.3/vst/source

Now jost should build
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cd jost-v0.4.3/juce/build/linux
make CONFIG=Release
cd ../../../plugins/Jost/build/linux/
make CONFIG=Release

It is not required that you install Jost as you can simply execute the binary
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Jost will be empty. You need some plugins.
If you get the precompiled binaries, e.g. Vex, Audjoo Helix, Peggy2000 you DO NOT need to compile anything.
Simply unpack the archive and put the binary ( somewhere (like ~/vst), then start Jost, select Plugins tab
and browse to the binary.

*NOTE* 1
If you wish to build any of the VST plugins yourself you need the VST SDK to be available by all plugins.

Put it here:
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mkdir /usr/include/vst
cp -a vstsdk2.3/source/* /usr/include/vst
Debian Sid Laptops:
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-55 / 1.5G
Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz / 3G
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Postby alidh » 2008-03-15 12:27

Build jost successfully :)

I' check it out now, with a little help of this article:


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