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Minimalism Tips & Tricks

Postby plb » 2008-12-24 14:31

Since there are many minimalists amongst us, I thought it would be a good idea to toss ideas and tips around. If anyone has helpful links for minimal setups, post them within this thread and I'll add them here. Below I've written a small bash script which can be called via cron and will notifiy you via a popup window (using zenity) if you have any updates available. Clicking the OK button will invoke apt-get upgrade so you must have sudo installed and setup for that to work.

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sudo apt-get -qy update > /dev/null
NUMOFUPDATES=$(aptitude search "~U" | wc -l)
if [ $NUMOFUPDATES -gt 0 ]; then
    zenity --question --title="Updates Available" --text="You have $NUMOFUPDATES updates available. Update now?"
    if [ "${rc}" == "1" ]; then
        echo "Program terminated."
        exit 1
    xterm -e sudo apt-get upgrade

Other useful links I've come across here on Debian Forums:
Autologin and startx
Display available updates in conky
IceWM Basic Configuration
Tint Task Manager Howto
Fluxbox Basic Configuration
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Postby plb » 2008-12-25 15:49

I've updated the parent post with some more links. Let me know of more minimal setup howtos etc.
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Postby llivv » 2009-01-07 07:37

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Postby Hadret » 2009-01-07 12:27

@plb: is it possible to change apt into aptitude? (:
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