Can not find library

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Can not find library

Postby cartoman » 2006-02-22 22:20

I have Debian Sarge installed and running on a intel pentium PC. I also have J2sdk, Apache 2.x, Tomcat 5.x, and ESRI ArcIMS 9.1. All of this is up and running. The problem I have is that I am not able to serve raster layers in my maps because I am missing a library. The library that ArcIMS is trying to call is:

When I do a Google search for this library I get hits but I still can't figure out what package it belongs to. What do I need to install? Is it available in APT?

If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Thank you, Dave
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Postby Kaitlyn » 2006-02-22 23:36

This is what you need:

After downloading:
dpkg --install libg2c0_3.3.5-13_i386.deb
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Postby Harold » 2006-02-23 00:15

The apt-file command will tell you what Debian package owns any given file.

# apt-get install apt-file
# apt-file update
# apt-file search
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Postby cartoman » 2006-02-23 15:19

Thanks Kaitlyn. That was just what I needed. Who'd a thunk I needed the Fortran runtime from 1977 to run the program. I've definetely been enjoying learning this Linux stuff. 8)
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