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building up a wiki

Postby startx » 2004-11-19 22:33

my proposal: what about building up a wiki like ?
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Postby Jeroen » 2004-11-20 20:57

I suggest -- there already is a Debian wiki.
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Postby moonlight » 2005-06-05 12:18


I am just a Debian user.

Before using Debian as the main Linux environment, I have used Mandrake (now called Mandriva) and Gentoo. But finally I moved towards Debian ... and I am still (after a year now) very pleased with this decision.

But also Debian is far from perfect, a perfect world, is it existing anyhow :roll: .

One of the major improvements that could be done (especially for the not so experienced users) is building a more convenient and easy environment for communications channels like a good, modern and easy to use Forum, and last but not least a good, modern and easy to use Wiki.

- the forum :

The Forum is very good, modern and easy to use !

BUT, as far as my feeling goes, for a lot of people difficult to find. Starting from the official Debian homepage, I haven't an idea how to reach this forum, ... is this explaining why there are only 950 registered users (at this time of writing) ? I don't know all the rules, policies that should be fullfilled, ... but it would be really helpfull if there would be a direct link towards this forum from the official Debian homepage.
I refer therefore towards the Gentoo forum, now containing more than 80.000 registered users, available with one click from the official Gentoo homepage.

- the wiki :

The Wiki is good, but no very modern and not so easy to use.

From a Debian user point of view, I have the impression that this wiki is a little bit old fashioned compared with other wiki's. From novice users point of view it would be much more friendly if it could be a bit more modern, more easy to use, ...

I refer to some pages on the gentoo wiki, to give you an idea what I mean :

Main page :
Howto index :
Wireless configuration : ... nd_Startup

As a reminder, I will continue using Debian, since it's a distro I really like, BUT I think there is still room for improvement (especially for the more novice or not so experienced users). A more modern Debian Wiki (ref Gentoo Wiki) will be a step in the good direction. Like the Debian Forum, ... also a modern forum (but not that easy to find for a lot of people).

Cheers, Moonlight
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