Oracle i9

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Oracle i9

Postby pipio » 2004-03-17 18:24

I'm going try to install Oracle 9i on my Debian woody (again!)
I'm going to use it just for fun. "For fun?" you say.
"yes" I've some things I want to experiment on but I need to have a full
function oracle db. But expiate of all my effort I never got one.

I know its a little tricky to install it but can somebody push me in the
right direction??
I would be very grateful.
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Postby MarkvD » 2004-03-18 06:11

Hi Pipio,

I used this as my guide. It's originaly written to install Compiere on Woody,but the first section will help thrue the installation of oracle.

Good luck
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Postby lacek » 2004-03-18 09:48

I installed Oracle9i to Woody without any problems. It becomes a little tricky when you use JRE1.4.2 from Sun, in case you interested, here is the list of things which needed to be fixed:
- Do not ask the install script for creating a database. It will fail
because of the incompatibility of the Java engines (later, dbca runs
without eny errors.
- The Network Configuration Assistant probably crashes with sig11
during install. No matter, it can be run later.
- You'll need to edit the java file you want to use, the following way:
- Replace the JRE export to point to your Java installation
- If the script searches for ORACLE_OEM_JAVARUNTIME (as oemapp
does), set it at the beginning of the file to your Java installation.
- Remove the -native flags; J2SDK1.4.1 doesn't accept this.

Should you have any more questions, just ask.
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Postby pipio » 2004-03-18 12:51

OK I will start the installation.
I'm almost sure i'll be back with some questions soon.
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Postby pipio » 2004-03-20 07:19

I did it. There was nothing to it.

thanks mates
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