debian + pfsense + VMware

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debian + pfsense + VMware

Postby RandomZero » 2009-10-27 06:06

First off, with VMWare, I was under the impression that it would still work as an actual router. Is this correct? If not, then that solves everything.

Anyway, I have a PFsense set up in VMWare on a Debian box. Still working on getting debian fully configured, but that's another story.
So I install PFSense. It boots fine in VMWare, but that's where the problems start.

I've got 3 NICs. One onboard ethernet (eth0), one PCI-E ethernet (eth1) , and one PCI wireless (eth2).
Eth0 is currently set as WAN, and it works (IP being reported is, which is assigned by an actual router).
Eth1 is set to, dhcp enabled, starting address, ending address
Eth2 isn't set up, at all. Not even on Debian. (But this shouldn't matter, right?)

When I plug this machine in to eth1, nothing happens. It's Win7, tried both static and dynamic, but I can't access anything.

What did I do wrong? :(
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