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game controller

Postby grimx » 2010-05-29 21:22

i was wondering is it possible to get a game controller like the Playstation or XBOX
for my computer??
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Re: game controller

Postby BioTube » 2010-05-29 21:23

It's definitely possible to use an Xbox 360 controller; I don't know about a PS3 one.
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Re: game controller

Postby grimx » 2010-05-29 21:34

do i need any special software/modules/etc.. to get it to work ??
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Re: game controller

Postby emariz » 2010-05-29 23:40

I bought a PS-like USB game controller for 6 € and it works perfectly. It only requires xserver-xorg-input-joystick.
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Re: game controller

Postby Cobalt60 » 2010-05-31 19:03

I too am trying to get my controller working how I want it. I use a Logitech Dual Action, which I use for FPS, namely, Halo PC through Windows XP. Halo PC is gamepad friendly, most FPS games are not. On Windows, I have used Logitechs own Logitech Profiler software to use the controller with Urban Terror (a Linux compatible FPS based on I think UT), and I have used a program called XPadder as well. These programs both are capable of tricking the software into thinking the gamepad is really a keyboard, and the right joystick axis as a mouse, thus enabling gamepad support for games that do not come with it.

I have just downloaded Urban Terror for Linux, and am hoping to be playing it with my gamepad soon. I used a Linux program called jscalibrator to recognize and calibrate the joystick, but that does not help me much into using the gamepad with a game such as Urban Terror. So, I also downloaded a program called joy2key, which is supposed to do exactly what I want, but I have not had success using the program.

Well, not trying to jack your thread, but I would definitely recommend the Logitech Dual Action controller, though I have little experience using it with Linux. It is practically identical to a PS2 controller. I have had mine for years and it still works good. Im not sure if the OP had binding the gamepad to keyboard/mouse, but I think it is generally useful to do, and personally, I would appreciate any advice on how to do this in Linux.

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Re: game controller

Postby chance2105 » 2010-08-23 18:40

I have a bunch of different connectors. NES, SNES, N64, PSX.. I use original controllers for emulation.

Pretty much any joystick you can connect to the computer using USB will work out-of-the-box. "Work" meaning recognized by the kernel, and you can calibrate it using jscal.
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