[SOLVED]Authentication failure

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[SOLVED]Authentication failure

Postby henkoegema » 2011-12-22 15:03

I'm installing Debian 6.0.3 as a server.

At the end of the installation process the system reboots and I must login.
I try to login as root. However the system does not except my password. I get message: Authentication failure. :roll:

Login as normal user is ok.

So, I did a new install and paid extra attention to my password. However the same result. Again I can't login. :(

(my password for root and user are the same. but I've always done that and it always worded fine)
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Re: Authentication failure

Postby edbarx » 2011-12-22 16:48

I think, your problem has to do with the fact that you have identical root and user password. Try to create another user as root and choose another password.
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Re: Authentication failure

Postby roseway » 2011-12-22 18:31

There's no problem having the same passwords for root and the user.
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Re: Authentication failure

Postby vbrummond » 2011-12-22 18:48

If you are a normal user try to su. Does it work? If not your root password is either different or non-existant.
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Next try to use sudo to login as root. Use the password for your normal user. If it does not work, you are not using sudo (this is normal). If it does, you probably disabled the root account during the install somehow.
sudo su

If both do not work try to reboot into recovery mode however even then the password might not work. If you manage to get a root shell open somehow run;
passwd root

Then you can change it to what you want.
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Re: Authentication failure

Postby henkoegema » 2011-12-22 21:21

In recovery mode I automatically logged in as root.
Than I could set a new password. Now it works OK. :D

Thanks very much.
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