Howto: Install SRWare Iron on Debian

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Howto: Install SRWare Iron on Debian

Postby smurf^Tronic » 2011-12-26 05:04


SRWare Iron is the fastest web browser available. It is based on webkit. The project is a fork of google's chrome browser and does not present the user with primary key tracking systems.

How To get Iron
Download via SRWare Iron forum, or directly at ...
32-bit download link
64-bit download link

Installation Steps

  1. Download installer file (which is .deb file format)
  2. In Debian, right-click installer and select from context menu "Open with GDebi Package Installer"
  3. Once installer application is open click the button "Install Package"
  4. Wait to allow the installation until it says "Installation finished"
  5. Close out of the installer by clicking "Close" button and X out of app
  6. Launch application from Debian menu > Internet > SRWare Iron

Once the application is launched you can configure the browser by using the wrench icon and sub-menus. It will prompt to make it the default browser. You can use Google Chrome extensions and themes for Iron. Running it as root does not work.

+ English
+ Deutsch/German
+ Россия/Russian

# from SRWare website - extensions
# from SRWare website - themes
# from Google website - extensions
# from Google website - themes

Speed Comparison - source


Wiki Article
Differences from Chrome
The following Google Chrome features are not present in Iron:
RLZ identifier, an encoded string sent together with all queries to Google or once every 24 hours.
Google search access on startup for users with Google as default search
A unique ID ("clientID") for identifying the user in logs.
A timestamp of when the browser was installed.
Google-hosted error pages when a server is not present
Google Updater automatic installation.
DNS pre-fetching, because it could potentially be used by spammers.
Automatic address bar search suggestions.
Bug tracking system, sends information about crashes or errors.

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Re: Howto: Install SRWare Iron on Debian

Postby craigevil » 2011-12-26 06:02

blah blah. Doesn't get auto-updated? Who the hell doesn't want their browser to get updated?

The speed info is several versions behind.

Google does way less tracking than any ISP in the USA and the UK. And nothing that can't be disabled in the Options GUI.

No thanks, I will stick with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Always better to get software from the source than downstream.

Iron Is Google Chrome for the Tinfoil Hat Crowd - ... -hat-crowd

Is Iron a Scam? Yes -

Chromium Notes: The story of Iron - ... /iron.html
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