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install onto compact flash

Postby knobby » 2006-07-11 15:23

I've asked this everywhere but with no answers. I hope someone here can help?

I was wondering if anyone could advise with this. I've been trying to install netinstall straight onto FLASH (the size of flash is pretty big these days (4 GB card)) however I've hit a few problems. When I install on etch it all goes great, however after the first time I turn the system off apt-get stops working. I've installed many times and this always happens. Apart from this everything goes great.

When I install stable it won't install at all it gets to at best to the "do you want to use grub" as you bootloader screen and locks up.

One other thing when I'm setting up my partitions on etch I need to use ext3 no other will work, I also cannot use a SWAP partition this causes problems. So i use /boot.

Can anyone give any advise? Particually the way apt-get stops working?

(I know about things like puppy, and ripping on to CF but am trying to set up a full system in a simple method) I'm also using an IDE CF so it pulgs straight into my HD port.
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Postby jjx » 2006-07-11 21:15

I have installed debian on a compact flash 512 MB using a cf2ide adaptor.

- Dont use swap. You have to write the less you can to the cf
- Use reiserfs instead of ext3.
- Find a way to handle logs. Send them to a syslog concentrator
- When you finish mount the filesystems as read only.

When i installed i used only one partition (obviously because i used a 512MB cf). I dont know how will react the cf if u try to create partitions.

Apt-get is working, but i use it rarely on my cf system.
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