Map network drives on restart

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Map network drives on restart

Postby jbeeker » 2012-05-30 01:29

Hello, obviously I am new at this, and I have set up a machine running Debian as a media server in my house (frees up the PCs for the kids to mess up). The media collection is located on a NAS. I mount the network drives via fstab, and a reboot will remount the drives, so cool.

But here is the problem; the rare power outage brings down the Debian box and the NAS, but the Debian box boots faster, doesn’t find the NAS, and therefore doesn’t map the drives. A reboot will remount the drives, so everything works still.

I guess I can write a script to check for the NAS, and if not there wait and then check again, but there must me a simpler solution to this (besides buying a battery backup!).

Thanks, Jon
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Re: Map network drives on restart

Postby Aris Veresie » 2012-05-30 04:11

Instead of a reboot you could mount -a. A simple solution is to apply that command after a minute or two via a script (I think cron or anacron will do, but I do not know how to use those).
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Re: Map network drives on restart

Postby admoore » 2012-05-30 04:12

I don't have much personal experience with it, but it sounds like autofs might be useful here. See
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