resolution issues on sarge with a g4 ibook 12"

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resolution issues on sarge with a g4 ibook 12"

Postby Kaamoss » 2005-06-15 05:29

I searched the forums and found no posts in regards to this so I figured I'd post here. I havea 12" ibook g4 1.33 Ghz laptop which dual boots debian 3.1(sarge) and os X 10.4(tiger). The sarge install is working like a charm but in xfree 86 if I try to change my resolution to anything but the standard 800x600 I get this wierd static effect on the screen and I can almost make out what's going on kind of like scrambled television porn you know? As you can immagine on a 12.1" screen 800x600 is god damn near unbearbale. The ibook uses an ati radeon 9200 32mb mobility gfx card. Anyone know what might be causeing this issue? Also, when I plug in my external moniter that dosn't work. I've never had to set up a secondary display so any help with that would be great. Not to be a burduon but the damn thing also refuses to sleep...any cure for that? Thanks.
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Postby finalzero » 2005-06-15 23:56

Hi mate,

you need to compile the ATi driver for Debian 3.1 Sarge and then use fglrxconfig to setup the graphics card.

Here is the link to the site, follow the instructions exactly, I am a Linux n00b but I was able to compile a driver to work with my Debian install so I had big desktop and OpenGL 3D graphics.

I downloaded the source files in step 3a, the binaries failed on my install but might work for you (in that case you can skip most of the steps).

In step four you need to compile the kernel module (required for 3D graphics), I used one of the prebuilt kernel modules available at this link (you should be able to workout which is the right one for your kernel); then skip to step 5 and you should be ready to go.

Good luck,

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Postby Guest » 2005-06-16 01:39

fglrx isn't available for PPC, so that won't help

What driver are you using? Do you have a horiz/vert refresh rate in your config?

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