Eye Candy - Adding SWIRL to MOTD and ISSUE

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Eye Candy - Adding SWIRL to MOTD and ISSUE

#1 Post by Gouki »

I'm not a big fan of eye candy, that's why most of the times I try to use command line instead of X. However, I did found something that got my attention on a portuguese forum.

All the credit goes to the author of the HowTo. I'm just translating it so that other people can enjoy a bit of ASCII art.

As you can see from that screenshot, the ASCII looks really good.

I am not going to send you to ASCII art generator, instead, we can download an already built package:

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apt-get install linuxlogo
You will now have three new files:

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    *   /usr/bin/linux_logo => Generates the ASCII
    * /etc/issue.linuxlogo => Colored ASCII
    * /etc/issue.linuxlogo.ascii => No color
OK. So now replace the /etc/issue with the colored ASCII one.

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mv /etc/issue.linuxlogo /etc/issue
So now you have issue replaced[1]. Give it a test drive if you want (shutdown -r now)

If you also want to replace the MOTD, here is what you have to do:

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# mv /etc/motd /etc/motd.old
# /usr/bin/linux_logo > /etc/motd
We need to edit it:

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nano /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh
And make the following changes:

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uname -a > /etc/motd.tmp

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/usr/bin/linux_logo > /etc/motd.tmp

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sed 1d /etc/motd >> /etc/motd.tmp

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sed 1,18d /etc/motd >> /etc/motd.tmp

Code: Select all

mv /etc/motd.tmp /etc/motd

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mv /etc/motd.tmp /etc/motd
Now run Bootmisc.sh:

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You are done!

[1] - Issue is displayed after you login into the machine. After the login takes place, what it is displayed is the MOTD (Message of the day).

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#2 Post by lacek »

Speaking of ascii arts: The Gimp is capable to save any picture as ascii text. Should you want to include any other graphics in your motd, just install Gimp and have fun. :-)

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#3 Post by osmo »

This is what I use as /etc/issue:

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[1;31m        _,met$$$$$gg.
[1;31m      ,g$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P.
[1;31m    ,g$$P""       """Y$$.".
[1;31m   ,$$P'              `$$$.
[1;31m ',$$P       ,ggs.     `$$b:
[1;31m `d$$'     ,$P"'   .    $$$
[1;31m  $$P      d$'     ,    $$P
[1;31m  $$:      $$.   -    ,d$$'      
[1;31m  $$;      Y$b._   _,d$P' [0m       _,           _,      ,'`.
[1;31m  Y$$.    `.`"Y$$$$P"'    [0m     `$$'         `$$'     `.  ,'
[1;31m  `$$b      "-.__         [0m      $$           $$        `'
[1;31m   `Y$$b                  [0m      $$           $$         _,           _
[1;31m    `Y$$.          [0m       ,d$$$g$$  ,d$$$b.  $$,d$$$b.`$$' g$$$$$b.`$$,d$$b.
[1;31m      `$$b.        [0m      ,$P'  `$$ ,$P' `Y$. $$$'  `$$ $$  "'   `$$ $$$' `$$
[1;31m        `Y$$b.     [0m      $$'    $$ $$'   `$$ $$'    $$ $$  ,ggggg$$ $$'   $$
[1;31m          `"Y$b._  [0m      $$     $$ $$ggggg$$ $$     $$ $$ ,$P"   $$ $$    $$
[1;31m              `""""[0m      $$    ,$$ $$.       $$    ,$P $$ $$'   ,$$ $$    $$
                         `$g. ,$$$ `$$._ _., $$ _,g$P' $$ `$b. ,$$$ $$    $$
                          `Y$$P'$$. `Y$$$$P',$$$$P"'  ,$$. `Y$$P'$$.$$.  ,$$.

Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable \n \l

I think it looks a bit better than the linuxlogo packaged one.

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#4 Post by sleepyEDB »

Thanks for the how-to!

I'm running Etch rc3 that I net-installed, and am using just the default repositories. I am having a problem when editing the /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh file. The code that needs to be changed doesn't appear in the file to begin with. For example, the following is the only reference to uname:

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# Update motd
        uname -snrvm > /var/run/motd
        [ -f /etc/motd.tail ] && cat /etc/motd.tail >> /var/run/motd
And /etc/motd.tmp doesn't appear in the bootmisc.sh file at all...

Am I doing something wrong, or is it possible that the linuxlogo package has changed since the howto was written?

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#5 Post by llamakc »

You can edit it to this instead to get it working with Etch:

# Update motd
/usr/bin/linux_logo > /var/run/motd
# Done

...Because on Etch /etc/motd is a symlink to /var/run/motd (that was being created by the bootmisc.sh script. This is working for me.

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