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by younger12
2020-04-14 22:46
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Topic: How do I secure my wifi?
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Re: How do I secure my wifi?

Always Use a vpn and a goo Passoword , i will recommend Asus router aswell
by younger12
2020-04-14 22:25
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Topic: Can I use a website for gerating revenue?
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Re: Can I use a website for gerating revenue?

One of the best ways is to have a goo SEO MManagement team to boost the traffic of your websiy=tes and improve google ranking , Yes you can definitely make a lot of money from adds and son from your websites
by younger12
2020-04-14 22:11
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Topic: Alternatives to skype.
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Re: Alternatives to skype.

another best alternative to skype is Zoom, ZOIPER CONFERENCE CALL , Telegram
by younger12
2020-04-10 15:48
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Topic: Crazytalk8 alternative
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Re: Crazytalk8 alternative

sunrat wrote:I believe the answer is still no. You asked the same question a few months ago.
THANKS FOR THE CLARIFICATION i read through the previou questions in that link