packages in use

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packages in use

#1 Post by queency »

Hello all.

my current debian dist is buster and bullseye

I tried to search package "oolite" which i had using "jessie" , but cannot find it

why is that?
how do you choose which packages will enter the repository ?
and how can i install thouse packages not in the repository ?
tnx for any answer

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Re: packages in use

#2 Post by sunrat »

Two main requirements for a package to be in Debian repo are dependencies being available, and a maintainer. It appears the old maintainer no longer is supporting that package - ...
You can try building the package from Github -
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Re: packages in use

#3 Post by stevepusser »

I hope when you say that you are running Debian 10 and 11, you mean two separate installations instead of a mixture.

Anyway, it seems the developers also provide a static build in the tgz files here, though I haven't tested one yet. They also provide a debian folder in the source, and usually that means one can use that to build deb packages, but it hasn't been updated for eleven years and may not work any longer, perhaps the reason the developers don't provide debs.

As an l̶a̶z̶y̶ efficient packager for MX, the next thing I'd do is to see if anyone is building the latest version in a PPA or similar personal repository. If I couldn't find that, I check out the debian folder from the last Debian packages source, since they are always much better quality.
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Re: packages in use

#4 Post by haggardrevenant »

Debian Package search has information on Debian packages, you can search by architecture or by Debian version. ... lla-search shows that package 'oolite' is available in jessie and in stretch, but not in bullseye. To find out why this is, we can drill down into the package tracker:

The top link there, ... -unstable/ says that the package has been removed and cites bug #886102: ... bug=886102

This indicates that the maintainer has Orphaned the package, meaning it's left without a maintainer, because the effort of maintaining the package was too high.

The package might be available on a user-level package installer like snapd or flatpak, though a quick search on flathub yielded no results.

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Re: packages in use

#5 Post by craigevil »

Looks like that the latest version on github is from 2020: ... s/tag/1.90

Or you can download it from
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