Gmail Backup and Freeing up Space

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Gmail Backup and Freeing up Space

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Dear All,
I would like to simply backup my gmail and be able to free some space because I am close to hitting the space limit of the free version.
In an ideal world, I would like to backup the mail before a certain date (say 01/01/2017) regardless of its label (whether it is sent/received , or with some other label).
I should say that I run debian stable on my box.
What are your suggestions?
I saw this

but I am experiencing issues with the installation and the fact that it does not support python 3.x is a potential issue for the future.

It is also reasonable for me to open another gmail account (let us call it backup account) and somehow "export" all my emails before a certain date to the backup account as long the mail structure (inbox, outbox, labels, etc...). is not lost.
I certainly am not the only one with this need, so I would like to have some suggestions.

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