Can not Quit Cinnamon

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Andrew Lohmann
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Can not Quit Cinnamon

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My PC is Samsung R50, Cinnamon 8.8, 32 bit.

When I select Quit or push the power off the computer goes to standby mode although i have the button configured to power off. The power button returns me to a login screen, login is the only thing I can do because power off returns me to the login, login returns me to the desktop. Holding the power button down is my only power off route.

Debian 8.7 had a similar problem with this PC but in that cause pressing the power button brought me out of suspend and would allow me to properly power off. At the moment I also have Mint Cinnamon, which is fine, on the computer because I do not anticipate Debian to keep running and being powered off this way indefinitely - but this desktop and Debian are particularly fast and very nice on this computer so I do not want to give up with those. The graphics hardware is well suited to Cinnamon compared to other computers.

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