lircd errors is syslog

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lircd errors is syslog

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I have been running stretch for over a year now with know problems. Then this week strange things have started to happen. The panel now does not show what is running, the login screen has changed and I have alot
of akonadi processes running.

I checked the system log and I get the following two errors together several times each minute

2019-12-10 3:13 PM cprail lircd[522] lircd-0.9.4c[522]: Error: Cannot glob /sys/class/rc/rc0/input[0-9]*/event[0-9]*
2019-12-10 3:13 PM cprail lircd-0.9.4c[522] Error: Cannot glob /sys/class/rc/rc0/input[0-9]*/event[0-9]*

I would appreciate any insight into what is going on


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