How to kill thunar?

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Re: How to kill thunar?

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cuckooflew wrote: if you consider how much time has been spent on this thread, and how much time would have been spent if you just rebooted
I understand that, but my goal here is to fix this issue once and for all. I switched to Linux from Windows over 10 years ago so I could have a system with very high uptime. I have 8 workspaces going, with geda, gimp, inkscape, libreoffice, blender, slic3r, cura, firefox, reaper, dozens of projects going at once. Rebooting is such a huge pain for me, I have to try and resume where I was on each project. It's like incurring 8 context switching penalties all at the same time.

The response might be "Well why do you work in that fashion?" but that's not the point of these forums, is it? The computer is the tool, its job is to help the human with what they are working on, it's not "well human you aren't conforming to the way the computer works so now you need to change the way you've been productive for the past 10 years".

Servers have uptime measured in years. I realize hardware fails, but that is maybe once every 5 years (excluding hard drives)
cuckooflew wrote: You could read it, and try some of the things it shows, but it is complicated, and even then, it still might not be possible to kill it.
Thank you for this, I will try this and see if I can resolve the issue.
cuckooflew wrote: I don't believe there is such a flag, but that would be a 3rd option, send this in to the developers, as a bug report, for details:
Use the mail list for any feature request, and also for any bugs that are very difficult to fix due to major design considerations.
Thank you, I will explore this option as well.
cuckooflew wrote: This should not be occurring that often, if at all,.....are you sure you are umounting, ejecting correctly ? I have noticed over the years, busy people tend to pressure their selves, and try to rush things way to much, thus making mistakes , and actually causing their selves more problems and down time, where as a careful patient person, may seem slow, but in the long run they get more done, and more "up time", because very seldom do they break things, or make mistakes that cause system problems and down time.
Thank you for this, this is a very kind response and I do appreciate it. I think I just hit a corner case where I'm doing a lot with SD cards constantly, SD cards are manufactured to be disposable, and if I'm dealing with a big pile of them, I'm bound to run into this issue sooner or later. I do run into the issue where I click "eject" and thunar just spins forever (I'm guessing SD hardware problems) so I'm forced to pull the thing out so I can get on with my day. I don't want to play the reboot lottery every time an SD card chokes. It's bad design, plain and simple.

Unfortunately switching to say nautilus is no help, as fdisk chokes trying to do "fdisk -l".

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Re: How to kill thunar?

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Your welcome, I am sorry that I could not really come up with a clear , straight forward solution though.
but my goal here is to fix this issue once and for all.
That would be nice, there might very well be something in the : ... eshooting/ link,
I could not really try anything, simply because I can not duplicate the problem, it is something that needs to be tried when the problem occurs, how ever once you got it, you can save the code that was used to kill it, and in the future have it handy to use when needed, ...good luck,..
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Re: How to kill thunar?

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Thank you! Next time this issue happens, I'm going to save the SD card rather than tossing it in the trash, and see if I can repro the issue and the exact steps to repro.

Then I'll file a bug report with Debian.

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