[closed]Running openbox on an external display (only)

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[closed]Running openbox on an external display (only)

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I would like to run Debian with openbox and tint2 displaying on an external display with no output directed to my PC monitor. The PC monitor is usually a laptop for me.

I cannot figure out how do this. I have looked at a number of websites, but I have not found any that describe how to do this. I am hoping that editing the rc.xml file can resolve my issue and it partly does. I found that if I edit rc.xml and change:

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then I can get my application to start up in the 'Primary' display only. Unfortunately, my laptop is the primary display and I want the application to start in the external display which I guess is the 'Secondary' monitor. I even tried using Secondary in the rc.xml for kicks, but the application startup was still directed only to the laptop display.

Ironically, openbox was designed for a single display, but I cannot get it to run in a single display.

Can someone give me pointers on how to do this?

A problem that I always encounter is that a tint2 panel shows up on each of the displays and then application icons can wind up showing up in either of the tint2 panels, depending on where the application was started. I also find it annoying to right click in a display to initiate an application only to have it run on the other display.

Jim A.

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