How to create a multi-file-image and mount it as a loopback?

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How to create a multi-file-image and mount it as a loopback?

#1 Post by El_Oy »

Hello all,

I'm on xebian, debian for xbox, and trying to create a mini distro.
Which boots starts hellanzb, downloads the specified files from
the newsgroups, processes them etc. and then shutsdown.

Now the only real problem I'm facing is this;
The xbox filesystem FATX has a 4GB (minus some MB's) filesize limit.
Since some files that will be downloaded from the newsgroups will
exceed this limit, I need another solution.
I was thinking something along the lines of:

- A) Create a read/write image, which is split into chunks of 3,5GB,
but mounted as one loopback device.
This way the files that get downloaded which exceed the 4GB boundarie
can be downloaded into this temp image and then be processed afterwards.

Is this possible?? I wasn't able to find any info on simply creating a image
which is split into multiple files but mounted as one....

- B) If option A is not possible, then would it be possible to create a LVM on
multiple images that are mounted as loopback devices??
I've been reading on this for a couple of days,
but haven't had any success yet.....
The most detailed I've read was over here:
Only thing is it didn't come past the vgcreate step,
something about no device in command line??

Any help/pointers/tips would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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#2 Post by ajdlinux »

You could try UnionFS, I don't know if it can do that but I think it might be able to.

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