Debian “wheezy” Released

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Re: Debian “wheezy” Released

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stevesr0 wrote:Thanks very much
I have printed it out and will chew on it for a while.
Note that you may want to be more cautious than I am and only install the desired packages from Backports (the normal approach) instead of updating all available packages to their version in Backports (what I did using APT Preferences.) Related issues were described here (1). Fortunately, those were the only ones that I have faced since late 2011, when that system was built.

Also note that I use Proposed Updates because I like to try the new versions of (Stable) packages whenever they are available, instead of waiting until the next Point Release. And I do not use the Security repository because all security fixes are automatically added to the Proposed Updates repository.

Ah!, I use Aptitude instead of Apt-Get for everything; it is the only package manager that I know. And I did not even try a "safe-upgrade."

On a more conservative system using more conservative upgrading methods, there might not have been any issues at all during the upgrade.


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Re: Debian “wheezy” Released

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Reply to emariz comments of 2013-05-15 20:10.

Your comments and the thread you linked are helpful clarifications and qualifications.

A big factor for me is that I have never broken a system - thus, I haven't had the opportunity (yet) to gain experience and confidence in fixing/restoring one.

Also, I am in no rush. It seems that I gain understanding by reading, resting and reading again <g>.

So, yes, I am more comfortable in going slowly.

re: emariz comments of 2013-05-15 00:02,

I wondered about the absence of security repositories.

You include a multimedia repository: squeeze main non-free

Is this the unofficial multimedia repository? If so, hasn't the name and location changed to deb-multimedia?

The release notes for Wheezy have a section on improved multimedia support (Section 2.2.5) that states, "For most use cases, installation of
packages from third-party repositories should not be necessary
anymore. The times of crippled multimedia support in Debian are
finally over!"

Do you agree with this or still find it necessary to include unofficial repositories for multimedia?

EDIT: I see that there is a debian-multimedia subdirectory on the Brazilian ftp Debian repository. I first looked on and the debian-multimedia directory isn't present on that. So, apparently, this is an official debian multimedia repository??

Again, thanks very much for your helpful comments.

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Re: Debian “wheezy” Released

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