Debian seeks input from users on priorities for Etch

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Debian seeks input from users on priorities for Etch

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Anthony Towns, the current project leader, has asked users in this message about their priorities with respect to the upcoming release of Etch.
Anthony Towns wrote:One way or another we're going to have to make a decision on what approach to take fairly soon -- and general resolutions on how to square up the approach we take are already being discussed on the debian-vote list. Personally, I'd appreciate knowing which of the above goals Debian users and developers actually think are the most important before deciding I'm going to approach them; and to that end Jeroen van Wolffelaar has kindly setup a couple of polls you might like to vote in.

Note that both these polls are just an informal way of finding out what people think, and while they will be considered and taken into account, they won't necessarily be the final word on the matter.
Please read his full message for more information about the actual issue at hand. If you want to share your opinion, please participate in the polls about the priorities for Etch and the one about what to do with sourceless firmware w.r.t. Etch. You can also discuss the topic over there.