Very depressed

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Re: Very depressed

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GarryRicketson wrote:Thanks,
Actually I agree, except for the kick boxing, I tried that and every time
I ended up kicking myself in the head :mrgreen:
You must be really stretched
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Re: Very depressed

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makh wrote:
Today science & technology has eased the labourious tasks, but including some of these to your daily routine, should help:

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1. Pray to God.
2. Help people around you.
3. Spend time with family, "+" old friends.
4. Learn kick boxing, to become bullet proof, and GTFO-proof. Just kidding...  :lol: , just do some 1/2 hour fitness exercise daily.
5. Give to poor, a little, daily.
+100 :idea:

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You've got plenty of time,
use it to your advantage! llivv

edit: ps: when you put yourself out there you'll find there's usually someone(s) that'll use U
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Re: Very depressed

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Firstly, about Stretch. I've been running Debian stable (plus frequently testing and sid) since Sarge and have installed Stretch on several machines and a few times on one machine (separately on HDD, sata SSD and NVMe SSD).
I'm very happy with Debian stable, and the previous Debian stables. I do test other distros an spare old disks and find lots of things that I prefer about Debian stable.
Every now and again I check distrowatch and it's interesting that so many distros use Debian. I think that shows Debian is preferred by many Linux lovers and as everyone is different there are a good number of people who want to 'tweak' or make whatever changes and give it another name. Of course, most of us appreciate that Debian is highly configurable and allows us to use it for whatever purpose we choose. The number from distrowatch suggest that Debian remains one of the most popular distros and one that I continue to recommend to people..

As has been said, those who prefer other distros should use the appropriate forums for commenting on their distro and show respect for other forums and their users. Personal criticism is not helpful and not needed.
Be encouraged. You have a lot of support in this forum.

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