Kedeha's Conjecture?

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Re: Kedeha's Conjecture?

#16 Post by ticojohn »

I will admit to installing Testing, but only when it has reached rc3. And yes, it's usually the Shiny New Thing syndrome. Both times I did so was to get the latest version of Kodi available from Debian. So guess I'm guilty. :mrgreen:
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Re: Kedeha's Conjecture?

#17 Post by eor2004 »

I guess a lot of "new to debian" users think about debian testing or sid this way: "Debian testing or Sid equals to opensuse tumbleweed or arch linux", until they are hit with the realization they are not the same thing, then the whining and the rants begins! :roll:
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Re: Kedeha's Conjecture?

#18 Post by MakeTopSite »

I've never even consider using other versions than Stable :D
(I wonder whether it is grammatically correct)

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