Serious Time-Out Problem

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Re: Serious Time-Out Problem

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Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-05-30 09:16
------some text cut -----------
EDIT: @cuckooflew, how are the parrots?

Parrots ? ----thinking--------- oh, those parrots, ahh they are fine, thank you for asking, but probably better in offtopic or PM, you can PM me if you want, I don't want to de-rail this topic and some people do not like birds anyway.
Any way , also , back on the topic,
Postby KitchM » 2020-05-29 16:53
Yep, it appears you are correct. I have had this open and running for some time now and as long as that box is ticked, I can post as much and as often as I want without any timeout.

By the way, this proves it is a forum software setting and not anything to do with any browser. If that setting was not there the situation would never have occurred. I do not see why admins think that is necessary. --some more text removed ----
If that option/setting was not there, you would not have been able to change it to the setting you prefer, go figure.
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Re: Serious Time-Out Problem

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(Damn, I'm still not getting notifications.)

No, no, no! If there is one thing that compromises free speech it is not having security. Governments continually try to take control and hamper our free speech. Proper security stops the prying eyes.

There is never a time when a web server should display a page that is not secure. There should be https everywhere, without exception. This is a fundamental thing we do to help protect ourselves, our visitors and the Internet as a whole. We are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem. How could we say No to such a simple and fundamental issue. It is free and is easily set up from the administrator server panel.

Every single person on the planet has been or will be an idiot at one time or another. That is a fact. We need to get over it. Having good intent does not ever excuse stupid decisions. Worse is when they have far reaching affect.

For instance, the link you offered causes a Captcha loop. You’d think the site admin had actually tried it out. Obviously not.

Further, all software can be tweaked, and nothing is more simple than forum software that has a plethora of setting choices and plugins available. Just learn to use them correctly, or get help from the author.

By the way, people are always free to do foolish things, think foolish thoughts and say foolish things. However, there are laws. The laws are in place to protect the rest of us from that foolishness, so ultimate freedom does not exist, nor should it. That is why we all set up governments, or are free to go where they do not exist. One’s freedom ends where another’s begins. So basically any talk of freedom, especially in this subject, is a red herring.

@ Head_on_a_Stick,
You made another bad assumption. Just because someone (who is unidentified, by the way) has made a bone-headed mistake in no way invalidates the other good service they have provided or indicates a lack of gratefulness for it. Why in the world would you assume that?

By the way, you folks seem to have an inside joke about parrots. You may wish to let the rest of us in on it.

And, cuckooflew, please clarify your last comment.

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Re: Serious Time-Out Problem

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The government must have been messing with your post.
If only we had the https padlock it could have been coherent and sounded sane.
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Re: Serious Time-Out Problem

#19 Post by KitchM »

It could be something they put in your water.

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