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New moderators, new moderation-requests policy

Posted: 2006-02-06 16:50
by Jeroen
Hi all,

As you might have read, I asked last month for new moderators. I've now finally come around to judging the replies, and I'm pleased to announce the new moderators: Harold, dren and domecq.

The team now consists of:
  • - Jeroen van Wolffelaar (Jeroen), Administrator, hoster
    - Thijs Kinkhorst (kink), Administrator
    - Mark van Deursen (MarkvD), Administrator
    - Laczkó Gábor (lacek), moderator
    - Harold Crouch (Harold), moderator
    - Scott Vinkle (dren), moderator
    - Nuno Vasconcellos (domecq), moderator
Welcome, new moderators!

If you have any post that you believe needs moderation for whatever reason, please email This will reach the whole team, including all moderators. For questions to the admins, you can still use

By the way, due to an excessive amount of spam lately as guest, I have enabled visual confirmation for guest posts. Hopefully this will make the spam problem much more manageable, while retaining the open character of these forums, where anyone can easily contribute to.

Thank you all for your contributions to these forums, and ensuring that this remains a valueable resource for Debian users!

Posted: 2006-02-07 16:17
by Jeroen
(now added full names to the above)