Welcome Back! (again)

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Re: Welcome Back! (again)

#81 Post by jjmac »

gnudude wrote:
jjmac wrote: Mainly to deal with font size issues...
uh you do know that browsers have the ability to increase the size of the fonts....right....
Yeah (grin), i have greater control over it using style settings though than what's provided using just a simple 'zoom' effect. Which can still leave some instances in question.


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Re: Welcome Back! (again)

#82 Post by robby_dobby »

Great to see this up! Though I haven't been quite active, I like to lurk around. There have been some great discussions on these forums, that I missed when it went down.

Anyway, thanks guys for bringing this up back and so soon!! :D :mrgreen:

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Re: Welcome Back! (again)

#83 Post by bensode »

Hurray! From the tone of what I had been reading elsewhere it looked like the forums weren't coming back. Thanks guys!

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Re: Welcome Back! (again)

#84 Post by hcgtv »

Good to see the forum back, thanks for not giving up on it.

The only thing I can't get used to is that the user information is on the right and the message is on the left. I did try the subsilver2 theme but it's not as elegant as prosilver, wonder if there's a prosilver based theme with the user info on the left?
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Re: Welcome Back! (again)

#85 Post by maclover2 »

Yeah, I guess that there is a need of retrieving old members also.