How_To set up Fluxbox from the default Debian Desktop Environment

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How_To set up Fluxbox from the default Debian Desktop Environment

#1 Post by Trihexagonal »

A member was putting much more work into attempting to get Fluxbox set up than it takes so I thought this may be of help to others. This is to get you to the desktop, once there you can use the programsof your choice.

Fr this tutorial you'll need to install rxvt-unicode sa a terminal emulator, Xfe as a File Manager and Leafpad as a text editor.

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sudo apt update 
sudo apt install fluxbox && xfe && rxvt-unicode && leafpad && feh
Copy this FLuxbox menu into a text editor and put it in your Documents directory where you can find it:

Code: Select all

# Generated by fluxbox-generate_menu
# If you read this it means you want to edit this file manually, so here
# are some useful tips:
# - You can add your own menu-entries to ~/.fluxbox/usermenu
# - If you miss apps please let me know and I will add them for the next
#   release.
# - The -r option prevents removing of empty menu entries and lines which
#   makes things much more readable.
# - To prevent any other app from overwriting your menu
#   you can change the menu name in ~/.fluxbox/init to:
#     session.menuFile: ~/.fluxbox/my-menu
[begin] (Fluxbox)
[encoding] {UTF-8}
      [exec]   (urxvt) {urxvt}
      [exec]   (Firefox) {firefox}
[submenu] (Files)
      [exec]   (leafpad) {leafpad}
      [exec]   (xfe) {xfe}
      [exec]   (mc) {xterm -e -u mc}
[submenu] (Multimedia)
      [exec]   (Gimp) {gimp}
      [exec]   (VLC) {vlc}
      [exec]   (mplayer) {mplayer}
      [exec]   (Audacity) {audacity}
      [exec]   (Audacious) {audacious}
[submenu] (System)
      [exec]   (kismet) {urxvt -e -u kismet}
      [exec]   (gKrellm) {gkrellm}
      [exec]   (Asunder) {asunder}
      [exec]   (ePDFview) {epdfview}
      [exec]   (xclock) {xclock}
      [exec]   (xcalc) {xcalc}
      [exec] (Reload .Xdefaults) {xrdb -load $HOME/.Xdefaults}
[submenu] (Fluxbox)
      [config] (Configure)
[submenu] (System Styles) {Choose a style...}
      [stylesdir] (/usr/local/share/fluxbox/styles)
[submenu] (User Styles) {Choose a style...}
      [stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)
      [workspaces] (Workspace List)
[submenu] (Tools)
      [exec] (Window name) {xprop WM_CLASS|cut -d \" -f 2|xmessage -file - -center}
[submenu] (Window Managers)
      [restart] (twm) {twm}
      [commanddialog] (Fluxbox Command)
      [reconfig] (Reload config)
      [restart] (Restart)
      [exec] (About) {(fluxbox -v; fluxbox -info | sed 1d) | xmessage -file - -center}
      [exit] (Exit)
Now exit your DE and enter a Fluvbox session. This is going to generate your /home/user/.fluxbox Directory. You won't be able to do anything from where you are now so exit and go back to the DE.

Now you should have a hidden Fluxbox directory in your /home/user/ Directory. Copy the body of the menu I gave you into the enu that was generated.

Now you're ready to run Fluxbox as a WM. Exit the DE and start another Fluxbox session.

It will be a blank desktop with only a cursor, that's what you should expect to see right now.

Right click and your new menu is there with access to the urxvt terminal emulator, Xfe File Manager and Leafpad text editor I suggested you install.

To populate your new menu with the est of your programs run this command from the user account:

Code: Select all

If you would like to add icons to the Fluxbox menu, you can create a small 32x32 image, or find the one associated with the appropriate program , then "Export As" an image in .xpm format from Gimp to where you want to save it.

Then you link to the image from the Fluxbox menu behind the command to call the program. It should look something like this:

Code: Select all

[exec]   (urxvt) {urxvt} </usr/home/Trihexagonal/Pictures/icon.xpm>
I have Gkrellm (for meters), urxvt and xfe open at boot for easy access and scrolled when not in use the whole time I'm running. It should end up looking "something" like this.
Fluxbox Window Manager
Fluxbox Window Manager
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