Howto: Save/Restore KDE Icons position

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Howto: Save/Restore KDE Icons position

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In KDE 4, we get a mess with the desktop icons when we change screen resolution .

To workaround this, i developed two scripts: (save icons position)
tar -zcvf /home/user/scripts/config/kdeicons$(date +%y%m%d).tar.gz /home/user/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc
cp ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc ~/scripts/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc.res (restore default screen resolution and restore icons default position)
#Force flush dots pixels screen by switching between two resolutions
xrandr -s 800x600
sleep 1
#Set defautl screen resolution
xrandr -s 1280x800
#Set brigtness default
xbacklight -set 10
#Adjust gamma screen, this line is obtative
dispwin -v /usr/share/dispcalGUI/presets/office_web.icc
sleep 5
killall plasma-desktop
sleep 2
cp $CONFIG/plasma-desktop-appletsrc.res ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc
plasma-desktop &
sleep 10

I hope you enjoy it :D
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