Installing Mac OS X fonts on Debian

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Installing Mac OS X fonts on Debian

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Why would I want to install these?
The beauty of fonts is in the eye of the beholder, and personally I think Mac OS fonts are beautiful. Maybe that's just me.

Why aren't they included in Debian by default?

Most distributions do not automatically include these fonts because they want to remain legal. The fonts that we’re accustomed to are owned by their respective companies, and everyone who uses them is essentially using them via a license. Those Linux distributions can’t include them without asking you to accept the license, so they don’t include them.

However, if you install them manually, you’ll be accepting the respective license, which therefore makes it legal to use them.

Installing them

Open the terminal and download the fonts package (as regular user):

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$ wget
Extract the package (as regular user):

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$ tar zxvf mac_fonts.tar.gz
Move the extracted files to the font folder (as root):

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# mv fonts /usr/share/fonts/
Update the fonts cache (as root):

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# fc-cache -f -v
The fonts are installed, so there is just one more step - selecting them! The font selection screen should look similar (but not identical) in Gnome and XFCE.

I am using KDE, so I configured my fonts in System Settings like this:

To revert to the original settings, just press the button in the middle on the lower left side and click OK.

A screenshot with the new fonts:

Credits: ... ntu-linux/
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