Skype on Debian 8.6.0 Jessie

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Skype on Debian 8.6.0 Jessie

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Solution1: Skype software download, displays your video web cam ... linux.html
Debian selected --> ... a68&file=3 (wait 10 seconds for download popup)
install download --> dpkg -i skype-debian_4.3.0.37-1_i386.deb
Activities, bottom left, 9 dot icon-show applications, click Skype icon
top middle 3 bar icon, menu, options, video devices, displays your video web cam, LED turns on
...checkbox-on start my video automatically when I am in a call
end of solution1

Solution2: The following works with the Firefox browser for audio phone calls only, video calls are not supported

1. Download Firefox 50
Dir 50.0/
Dir linux-i686/
/en-US/ to get English language
firefox-50.0.en-u_tar.bz2 54M 14-Nov-2016

2. Install Firefox 50
exit (exit super user, do not login to su(super user, root) so that tar unzips with username as the owner, therefore not root
tar -jxf firefox-50.0_en-us.tar.bz2
su (back to super user)

3. Start Firefox browser
cd /home/your-username/Desktop/firefox

4. Show firefox version
Firefox menu icon top right, bottom help ? circle icon , troubleshooting info
Version 50.0
Build ID 20161104212021

5. Install Firefox add-on, Skype ... ype-addon/

6. Install Firefox add-on, User Agent Overrider ... overrider/
Firefox, top right square box blue icon, set the user agent to Windows / Edge (video calls are not supported)
Restart Firefox[/color]

7. Show what Firefox addons have been installed
Firefox top right settings icon, addons, extensions
-User Agent Overrrider 0.4.1

8. Sign In to
-use Skype online (phone call or chat)

9. Test microphone
Debian, settings, sound, input, adjust microphone slider (for example 1/4 inch from left side)
search Skype for Echo / Sound Test Service
place call to Skype Echo / Sound Test Service
to test again, sign off Skype and sign in again, and if required clear browser

10. Search Skype
search Skype for email address or name

11. Optional, after using Skype, if required set Firefox default
firefox, top right square box blue icon, set the user agent to default

12. Optional, to start Firefox from Debian gnome desktop icon
gedit gnome_icon_firefox.txt , change your-username to your Debian login name
then save again as gnome_icon_firefox.desktop
cp gnome_icon_firefox.desktop /usr/share/applications/
to see new firefox icon, reboot or Alt+F2, type r in the box, press enter


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Re: Skype on Debian 8.6.0 Jessie

#2 Post by milomak »

why not get it from the skype site?
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Re: Skype on Debian 8.6.0 Jessie

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Firefox 50 is also unsupported and has known security exploits--can your solution use secure versions of Firefox?
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