Google Drive Encryptation Solution (Android)

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Google Drive Encryptation Solution (Android)

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Here, i propose you a tested very good solution for "Google Drive" Cloud-Access Encryptation files.:


We will be able to read/write directly encrypted files in the Google Drive cloud with Encdroid (Android App).
****** Valid also for Dropbox (not tested this case)

0- Encrypting files -- Encfs Encryptation

1- Uploading Files -- Google Drive - Client Linux

- We upload encrypted encfs directory and move outside the keyfile needed for decryption ".encfs6.xml"
(For security reasons, we dont want the file to be available in the Google Drive).
We will keep it in a secure place, for using when we want to mount the encrypted directory.

- As a "Google Drive" client linux, Im using "drive" for pushing/pulling local files:
I usually just push files to Cloud, It will show you the files to add/delete/changed

Code: Select all

drive push -ignore-name-clashes -ignore-conflict GoogleDrive/
2- Accesing/Mounting encrypted directory -- Android Encdroid App ... roid&hl=en
**Requirement.: Android--> Google Drive App. ... docs&hl=en

Once installed, we will create a pool drive from the App.-Encdroid, to the encrypted directory in Google Drive App.

Encdroid will let us to lock/unlock/delte the pool connection to the ecrypted folder.
Encdroid will ask us for the keyfile needed for decryption (".encfs6.xml") and the passphrase to mount the encrypted directory.
(we might hide/camouflage our keyfile needed for decryption (".encfs6.xml") somewhere just we know in our android hardrive. :shock: )
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