Safely change DE

Help with issues regarding installation of Debian
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Re: Safely change DE

#21 Post by sunrat »

The only purpose of the "gnome" metapackage is to install those dependencies. They will still work without it.
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Re: Safely change DE

#22 Post by fch »

Oh i see, so in the case of needing some of them I will install them individually.

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Re: Safely change DE

#23 Post by jmgibson1981 »

Hallvor wrote: 2022-06-28 15:45 The package gnome is just the metapackage gnome, not the entire desktop environment: ... ection=all

If you really want to get rid of everything (or almost everything), try this:

Code: Select all

# tasksel
uncheck Gnome

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# apt-get purge gnome*
Good luck logging into Gnome after a reboot then. :mrgreen:
So I just tried this with task-kde-desktop package.

Packages I had to chase down after the fact.

Kwin, Kwrite, Juk, Kwayland, Dolphin, Ksshaspass.

Just off the top of my head. My memory is terrible. But it took me a good 15-20 minutes or so of running my apt command, then removing what i could see in the list, and repeating till i saw nothing that looked out of the ordinary. Ironically the task command did remove Libreoffice but no the above KDE packages.

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Re: Safely change DE

#24 Post by Trihexagonal »

I think you're making a mistake removing the whole DE. It's better to leave what's not broken on your machine in case you want to use it again.

Things didn't go like you planned on removing everything and that's a chance you don't take not removing it.

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Re: Safely change DE

#25 Post by Hallvor »

Purging gnome* won't do much, if anything, in KDE. Removing core libraries will be the single, most effective thing to do.

Completely removing the entire desktop environment with a single command would be neat, though.
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