Mate Caja display difference after fresh install Stretch

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Mate Caja display difference after fresh install Stretch

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Hello everyone, first posting here.
I’m glad to join the Debian User Forums :-)

After using Jessie Mate since release date I’ve got used to the way Caja displays files in a directory ; every other line is more « greyed » or « shaded » than the preceding line. I found this way of listing files usefull, especially when dealing with long lists of files.

Since my fresh (and straight forward) install of Stretch Mate however, all the lines are displayed on a white background in Caja.
I’ve tried several themes in Mate, but the shading of every other line would never appear (as before with Jessie Mate).

At this stage I might be missing out on something or ignoring a configuration possibility.
Could you help me out with this question ?
Many thanks in advance.

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