Installing Debian on Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1

Help with issues regarding installation of Debian
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Installing Debian on Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1

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Recently I bought a used Sharp Netwalker PC-Z1 in excellent condition as my pocket learning machine for linux. Yes, it's a really old machine (2009) and the preloaded system (Ubuntu 9.04) is archaic. I really want to set up an update system for practical use.

For those not familiar with this old machine, it runs on an i.mx515 and the stock kernel is the old 2.6.28.
Official source codes are here: ... t_001.html
The latest source I can find is 2.6.31: ... ker-2.6.31
(So it's armhf I guess?)

I've done a bit of research but there was not much info about running linux on this machine, and all the information I've found looks rather outdated. At first I wanted to start with Debian, but apart from hardware details the information there fails to enlighten me as to how to install that for real: ... 1NetWalker

The question is: does the current release (Buster) still support this old hardware?

So I would be most appreciative if someone can guide me where to get started to breathe new life into this adorable gadget. As long as a current system can be set up and run a simple X enviroment I am a happy guy. :)

Thanks all!!

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