How can I boot from iscsi over pxe using QNAP

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How can I boot from iscsi over pxe using QNAP

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I got a computer with harddrive removed and trying to setup this as a diskless computer.
On the computer bios, I setup boot from onboard NIC
I downloaded the installation packages from ... s/netboot/
I have a QNAP228 can provide DHCP, TFTP and ISCSI service, and it seem I got it setup correctly.
I put untar the netboot.tar.gz and put them in the TFTP root folder
On the dhcp server, I set the TFTP sever ip address and the bootfile to the pxelinux.0
I setup an iSCSI target and thick LUN for 100GB.
boot the computer, I can go to the standard debian installer gui
After it failed detect the local drive, I can continue with no disk and configure iSCSI volumes
Then the installation continue and install the GRUB boot loader to the MBR, then finished.

Problem: Now the problem comes, how can I boot in this newly installed debian on the iSCSI?

following this instruction ... pxe-howto/ at the PXE session ( I think I already installed debian on the iSCSI drive )
from another computer, git clone git:// , cd ipxe/src; make

edit a file like this as test.ipxe

Code: Select all

#set keep-san 1
#set initiator-iqn
make bin/undionly.kpxe EMBED=test.ipxe

copy the bin/undionly.kpxe to the sftp root
and change the dhcp boot file to this file

reboot the computer, I can see it got dhcp ok
Then there are two lines
Registered SAN device 0x80
Booting from SAN device 0x80

And then stuck there
What can I do now?


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