Keyboard keeps returning to US keymap

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Keyboard keeps returning to US keymap

#1 Post by carmima »

This is really annoying.
I am on a brand new installation of debian bullseye and so far everything runs fine.
as I speak french, I need 2 keyboards layouts: US and french canada.
When I switch app / window with the alt+tab or a mouse click, the keyboard switch to US/Canada.
I mean: I am writing this post, I choosed canada french,
If I launch a new terminal, it will be in US layout. Why?
I do not want to keep on switching keyboard layouts,
Is there a way to set the Layout and stay on permanently independent of current app until I decide to change ?
PS: I am under xfce/xfce4.

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Re: Keyboard keeps returning to US keymap

#2 Post by Bulkley »

Hopefully someone will have a better answer than this. In the mean time, the Debian Wiki has a page on Keyboard. Near the bottom is a troubleshooting section including "it is possible that the changes are being overridden by gsettings."

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