Live CD Debian 10.8 Install Asian Packages In Spanish

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Live CD Debian 10.8 Install Asian Packages In Spanish

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Hello team, I updated by clean installation my pc using the Debian 10.8 Live CD with Calamares. (Version downloaded on February 10th 2021)
But I found the problem that when I finished, I also installed the packages for writing and input method of Asian characters.

only install the Spanish language (Spanish-MX variant) So Asian terminals,Fonts and packages should not be installed

Reading in ubuntu forums I found that this was a bug of the live installer of previous versions of ubuntu
[So I think it would be useful if someone can help me pass the report].

Is there a way to Uninstall all Asian fonts without doing it one by one?

I do not need them and they strob me enough to work since I have to scroll through the list and in some programs there are crashes when trying to render them in preview.

Inbound Method packages manage to uninstall them manually via terminal and synaptic

Screenshot: I tried to put it as an attachment, but the apache server returns error 500 when doing it (so I think it is another bug to report :lol: )

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