Why Debian hates PHP?

Discussion about development of the Debian OS itself
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Why Debian hates PHP?

#1 Post by D.Hoeschen »

I am a web developer an I use Debian for my workstations and servers.
For my everyday work I need PHP and some Tools like PhpMyadmin.

First I recognized PhpMyadmin in Stable and Unstable is more then 2 Years old,
was never updated and has some serious security issues and bugs with php 7.1+

The only reaction is that PhpMyadmin will not be part of future distributions.

Now I get warnings because of PHP7.0 reaching end of life last year.

Of course the cool guys use python. But that's not the standard in a web context.
And a distribution with a old PHP / unsupported PHP version is useless as server.

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Re: Why Debian hates PHP?

#2 Post by Bloom »

This is all incorrect.
Debian Stable has php 7.0+49
Debian Testing (Buster) and Unstable (Sid) have php 7.3+69

PhpMyAdmin is indeed older: version 4.6.6 (dating from 2015). Current version is 4.8.5. This is not Debian's fault, however, packages are maintained by package maintainers and it's their responability to keep everything up to date.
All volunteer work. No company behind it.

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Re: Why Debian hates PHP?

#3 Post by Ardouos »

Bloom wrote:This is all incorrect.
Debian Stable has php 7.0+49
Just to add to this. Even though PHP is classed as EOL, I am sure the Debian maintainers will backport security fixes for its lifetime. PHP 7.0 just will not receive feature updates.

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