KDE Plasma in Bullseye

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KDE Plasma in Bullseye

#1 Post by /tmp »

I have to admit I'm really pleased with the improvements in KDE Plasma which were released with Bullseye. For example, there's an incredibly helpful add-on for adjusting the color temperature of your monitor based upon your latitude and longitude information. While my glasses have a blue light filter built in I still like having my monitors be less harsh when I'm using a computer during late hours. For this and so much more thank you to the KDE Plasma and Debian GNU/Linux developers.
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Re: KDE Plasma in Bullseye

#2 Post by NorthEast »

The monitor I use, HP 22yu, has as neat "night" setting (among others) for colour control which reduces the blue, enhances the red and warms the appearance. I have it set all the time because it feels so comfortable.

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Re: KDE Plasma in Bullseye

#3 Post by sunrat »

I have been a satisfied user of KDE since Knoppix days with a couple of side experiments to Xfce and Enlightenment. I used sidux/aptosid/ siduction for most of the time to bathe in the glory of new Plasma features but with Bullseye and Plasma 5.20 it feels mature so I've shifted back to Stable. Still have a sneaky look at Plasma development occasionally though - Adventures in Linux and KDE
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