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samba 2 way synch with locking

Posted: 2006-11-14 16:27
by jspilon
Hello all,

I am in need of a two way synch with file locking solution for linux/samba.

I have found what I am trying to achieve for Windows... ... sp?sol=sts

I am trying to find the linux counterpart.

If anyone has any suggestions let me know!!!

Posted: 2006-11-22 11:58
by plifalo
I'm not entirely sure what you're after as I can't penetrate much of the marketing-speak on that website, but I've found Unison works very well as a synchroniser. Does this do what you need? If not, what is missing? (it might be scriptable)

Posted: 2006-11-27 20:33
by jspilon
I need the files locked on the remote box... wheter the file is opened on LEFT or RIGHT.

So user1 opens file on server LEFT, no one should be able to modify/save file on server RIGHT since the lock is replicated

can I achieve this with the cluster function in samba ?

Posted: 2006-11-28 13:31
by plifalo
Ah, I see what you're after now. According to the Samba wiki, there are experimental versions which do what you want now in a variety of different ways, but if it's stability you're after then you'll have to wait a while.