Debian 9 dedicated to Ian Murdock

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Debian 9 dedicated to Ian Murdock

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Debian 9 "stretch" will be dedicated to Ian Murdock. Whilst dedications in
more specific areas of Debian development are generally preferred, the
founder of the project is a common sense exception. As is traditional, the
dedication will be expressed by a file on the mirrors and CD images.

We welcome every Debian developer, maintainer, translator, or
contributor in any other field to join us in signing this dedication.

If you wish to do so, please:

* Download the dedication file:
* Verify the sha1sum: fb37a995eebad8ced194709a9a2eb7a68ad8979c
* Create a detached, ascii-armoured signature in a file with your name,
underscore-separate. Use of proper capitalisation is appreciated.
For example, mine is called Jonathan_Wiltshire:
gpg -bao Your_Name dedication-9.0.txt
* Mail the file as an attachment directly to me, with the
subject line "Dedication signature". I will collate them.

Owing to the proximity of the release, the deadline for signatures
is 2016-06-16 18:00 UTC (Friday). I am aware that this does not leave
very much time and I'm sorry about that; I will make one further update
to the signatures archive around the time of the first point release for
anyone who cannot meet this schedule.

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