Message to Debian staff (and community)

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Message to Debian staff (and community)

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May be these hard times bring me to express the following ?
Nevertheless, i joined huge linux universe, through Ubuntu then Debian, since a bit more than a decade by now.
This wasn't and is still nothing easy, as every question/issue would bring to some other more ...
But documentation is rich and public forums allow to warn about bugs or to find fixes.
I'm almost every day wondering of the existence of such a beautiful OS with so many maintained packages.

In short, i'd like to express gratitude to the staff, but also to the community for all of that.
Without going emo, in such a GAFA world we're living in, this is nearly some cyberpunk poetry !
Thank for doing what you do, take care of yourself and your beloved ones.

Version française : ... bian/81794

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