Debian just saved me the cost of a new Laptop

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Debian just saved me the cost of a new Laptop

#1 Post by Zoot »

Just to amuse myself during the Covid-19 lockdown, I dusted off my 12 year old laptop recently. Specs are:
Dell XPS M1530
Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 (Dual Core @ 2.2GHz)
2GB DDR2-667MHz Memory
Nvidia 8600M GT

There's a bit of sentimental value here since it took me through my engineering degree & masters 10 years ago. There was a lot of typing done on it, you can see the worn hand marks. It was also the machine that started me dabbling with Linux to being with - openSUSE, Ubuntu, a few other distros and finally Debian. It was always a very Linux friendly machine - I would have primarily ran Lenny & Squeeze on it back during college.

I had tried out Windows 10 on it just as an experiment last year, but it's just too slow to be in any way usable.

So a few days ago, I decided to try out Stretch with Xfce on it. I figured Buster might be a bit too much for such an old machine, but Stretch ran quite well. It was no powerhouse in the sense that it could hang if you try to do too much at once, but for a basic internet browsing, accessing my home openvpn server when away, watching movies & listening to music machine it was fine. So much better than Windows 10 actually.

I upgraded it to Buster and that runs equally well on it with Xfce. Thanks to Debian I actually have a functional & usable laptop once more. I was thinking about looking a new cheap laptop up for when I'm away from home, but now I genuinely don't have to.

Thank you Debian! :)


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Re: Debian just saved me the cost of a new Laptop

#2 Post by arzgi »

Good story, thanks!

I long had a Samsung NC10, 10" notebook, which max memory was 2GB, and was made for win XP. XFCE worked fine, thanks to i386 that Debian still supports. Last year display stopped working, so bought newer laptop.

Debian's repository offers many solutions, to low end computers or if you just want very good performance like OpenBox as DE.

I used XFCE first time when Debian started to support arm-architecture. At that time had a Sharp Zaurus 3100, linux in your pocket! 400Mhz, 3,5" foldable touchscreen, 4G hdd, which I later changed to 8G CF-card.

Still using XFCE on laptop and desktop.

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Re: Debian just saved me the cost of a new Laptop

#3 Post by arochester »

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Re: Debian just saved me the cost of a new Laptop

#4 Post by Dai_trying »

If you put an SSD in it would run even better, I have a couple of similar similar Core 2 Duo laptops and was surprised how much difference it made.

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Re: Debian just saved me the cost of a new Laptop

#5 Post by cuckooflew »

I have gotten several laptops for free, because the windows users, and even the technicians in repair shops are such morons, they think just because the mal-ware does not run well on it, it is useless or beyond repair....
And if Debian seems to "heavy", Open Bsd is even better,..but it helps if you know Unix,and can live without all the boated DE software that is being used now a days,... "One mans Junk, is another's treasure",
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