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#1 Post by craigevil »

debsecan interesting little package.

Description: Debian Security Analyzer
debsecan is a tool to generate a list of vulnerabilities which affect
a particular Debian installation. debsecan runs on the host which is
to be checked, and downloads vulnerability information over the
Internet. It can send mail to interested parties when new
vulnerabilities are discovered or when security updates become


debsecan accesses the dpkg database and obtains a list of installed packages and their versions. This list is then evaluated against a feed of vulnerability information which ultimately comes from a database maintained by Debian's Testing Security Team <>. Various output formats are supported, including incremental reporting via email.

Beginning with version 0.2, debsecan includes a script called debsecan-create-cron, which allows you to create a cron job which periodically sends you mail (once per day) when the security status of the system changes.

This is the apt-get command for upgrading through debsecan:

Code: Select all

apt-get update && apt-get install $(debsecan --suite sid --format packages --only-fixed) 
too bad it couldn't update anything
Reading state information... Done
libwebkit-1.0-2 is already the newest version.
libwebkit-1.0-common is already the newest version.
libwebkit-dev is already the newest version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

If I only knew what all the output meant I would probably be too scared to even have my pc connect to the internet.

Code: Select all

CVE-2008-2307 libkfile4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkfile4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkfile4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 kdelibs5-plugins (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 kdelibs5-plugins (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 kdelibs5-plugins (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-2497 libfreetype6
CVE-2010-2498 libfreetype6
CVE-2010-2499 libfreetype6
CVE-2010-2500 libfreetype6
CVE-2010-2520 libfreetype6
CVE-2009-2689 sun-java6-fonts (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2007-2379 libjs-jquery (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1597 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-2061 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-2065 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-4129 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-4130 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-0648 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-0654 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1206 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1585 libmozjs4d (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
TEMP-0532514 libmozjs4d (low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-gui (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-gui
CVE-2009-2068 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1386 libwebkit-dev
CVE-2010-1392 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1403 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1405 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1407 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1416 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1417 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1418 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1421 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1422 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1501 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1664 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1665 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1750 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1757 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1758 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1759 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1760 libwebkit-dev
CVE-2010-1761 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1762 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1767 libwebkit-dev
CVE-2010-1769 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1770 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1771 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1772 libwebkit-dev
CVE-2010-1773 libwebkit-dev
CVE-2010-1774 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1939 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1940 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2264 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2295 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2297 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2300 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2301 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2302 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2303 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2304 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2441 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-2645 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2646 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2647 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2648 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2649 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2650 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2651 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2652 libwebkit-dev (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
TEMP-0532514 libwebkit-dev (low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkmediaplayer4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkmediaplayer4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkmediaplayer4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqtgui4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqtgui4
CVE-2008-2307 libkdeui5 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkdeui5 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkdeui5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1634 libpython2.6 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkdnssd4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkdnssd4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkdnssd4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-sql-sqlite (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-sql-sqlite
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-sql (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-sql
CVE-2008-5983 python2.5-minimal (low urgency)
CVE-2009-4134 python2.5-minimal (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1449 python2.5-minimal (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1450 python2.5-minimal (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1634 python2.5-minimal (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-2089 python2.5-minimal (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkjsapi4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkjsapi4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkjsapi4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0532514 libkonq5 (low urgency)
CVE-2009-2689 sun-java6-jre (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-svg (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-svg
CVE-2010-1436 linux-image-2.6.32-5-686 (medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2226 linux-image-2.6.32-5-686
CVE-2010-2478 linux-image-2.6.32-5-686
CVE-2010-1634 python2.6-dev (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1436 linux-libc-dev (medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2226 linux-libc-dev
CVE-2010-2478 linux-libc-dev
CVE-2008-2307 libkntlm4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkntlm4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkntlm4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqtcore4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqtcore4
CVE-2008-2307 libnepomuk4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libnepomuk4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libnepomuk4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-5983 python2.5 (low urgency)
CVE-2009-4134 python2.5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1449 python2.5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1450 python2.5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1634 python2.5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-2089 python2.5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1634 python2.6 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-webkit (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-webkit
CVE-2008-2307 libsolid4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libsolid4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libsolid4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libthreadweaver4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libthreadweaver4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libthreadweaver4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkde3support4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkde3support4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkde3support4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkio5 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkio5 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkio5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libknewstuff2-4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libknewstuff2-4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libknewstuff2-4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkpty4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkpty4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkpty4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-network (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-network
CVE-2008-2307 libnepomukquery4a (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libnepomukquery4a (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libnepomukquery4a (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-2233 libtiff-tools (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1436 linux-headers-2.6.32-5-686 (medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2226 linux-headers-2.6.32-5-686
CVE-2010-2478 linux-headers-2.6.32-5-686
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-script (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-script
CVE-2010-0541 libruby1.8 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1628 gs-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-dbus (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-dbus
CVE-2008-2307 libknotifyconfig4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libknotifyconfig4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libknotifyconfig4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-2233 libtiff4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-0541 ruby1.8 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1628 libgs8 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2252 wget (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 kdelibs-bin (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 kdelibs-bin (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 kdelibs-bin (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-opengl (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-opengl
CVE-2007-1970 iceweasel (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkutils4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkutils4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkutils4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libknewstuff3-4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libknewstuff3-4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libknewstuff3-4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkparts4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkparts4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkparts4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 kdoctools (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 kdoctools (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 kdoctools (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkrosscore4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkrosscore4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkrosscore4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1628 ghostscript-x (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
TEMP-0579028 pbuilder (low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-designer (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-designer
TEMP-0532514 libkonq5-templates (low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libplasma3 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libplasma3 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libplasma3 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1634 python2.6-minimal (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libktexteditor4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libktexteditor4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libktexteditor4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkhtml5 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkhtml5 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkhtml5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-help (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-help
CVE-2010-1436 firmware-linux-free (medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2226 firmware-linux-free
CVE-2010-2478 firmware-linux-free
CVE-2008-2307 kdelibs5-data (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 kdelibs5-data (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 kdelibs5-data (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1436 linux-base (medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2226 linux-base
CVE-2010-2478 linux-base
CVE-2009-2068 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1386 libwebkit-1.0-2
CVE-2010-1392 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1403 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1405 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1407 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1416 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1417 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1418 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1421 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1422 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1501 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1664 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1665 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1750 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1757 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1758 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1759 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1760 libwebkit-1.0-2
CVE-2010-1761 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1762 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1767 libwebkit-1.0-2
CVE-2010-1769 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1770 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1771 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1772 libwebkit-1.0-2
CVE-2010-1773 libwebkit-1.0-2
CVE-2010-1774 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1939 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1940 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2264 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2295 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2297 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2300 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2301 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2302 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2303 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2304 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2441 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-2645 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2646 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2647 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2648 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2649 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2650 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2651 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2652 libwebkit-1.0-2 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
TEMP-0532514 libwebkit-1.0-2 (low urgency)
CVE-2009-2068 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1386 libwebkit-1.0-common
CVE-2010-1392 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1403 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1405 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1407 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1416 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1417 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1418 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1421 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1422 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1501 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1664 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1665 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1750 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1757 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1758 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1759 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1760 libwebkit-1.0-common
CVE-2010-1761 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1762 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1767 libwebkit-1.0-common
CVE-2010-1769 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1770 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1771 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1772 libwebkit-1.0-common
CVE-2010-1773 libwebkit-1.0-common
CVE-2010-1774 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1939 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1940 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2264 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2295 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2297 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2300 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2301 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2302 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2303 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2304 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2441 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-2645 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2646 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2647 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2648 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2649 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2650 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2651 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2652 libwebkit-1.0-common (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
TEMP-0532514 libwebkit-1.0-common (low urgency)
CVE-2010-1628 ghostscript (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkdecore5 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkdecore5 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkdecore5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-scripttools (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-scripttools
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-qt3support (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-qt3support
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-xml (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-xml
CVE-2009-1597 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-2061 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-2065 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-4129 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-4130 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-0648 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-0654 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2010-1206 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2010-1585 xulrunner-2.0 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
TEMP-0532514 xulrunner-2.0 (low urgency)
CVE-2008-2307 libkdesu5 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkdesu5 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkdesu5 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-test (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-test
CVE-2009-2689 sun-java6-bin (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-1628 ghostscript-cups (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-xmlpatterns (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-xmlpatterns
CVE-2010-1436 linux-headers-2.6.32-5-common (medium urgency)
CVE-2010-2226 linux-headers-2.6.32-5-common
CVE-2010-2478 linux-headers-2.6.32-5-common
CVE-2009-2689 sun-java6-plugin (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2010-2497 libfreetype6-dev
CVE-2010-2498 libfreetype6-dev
CVE-2010-2499 libfreetype6-dev
CVE-2010-2500 libfreetype6-dev
CVE-2010-2520 libfreetype6-dev
CVE-2009-1714 libqt4-assistant (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
TEMP-0587711 libqt4-assistant
CVE-2008-2307 libkjsembed4 (remotely exploitable, high urgency)
CVE-2009-1685 libkjsembed4 (remotely exploitable, medium urgency)
CVE-2009-2419 libkjsembed4 (remotely exploitable, low urgency)
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