WordPress 5.8 Tatum released - hundreds of new features and imporvements

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WordPress 5.8 Tatum released - hundreds of new features and imporvements

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dear Community

today no talk about the latest Linux Kernel, or the work on drivers or VSCode and Pyenv vs. Conda and thelike.
No talks about the KDE vs Gnome or about Thunderbird and Enigma.

Today a little note about the latest release on Wordpress: a few days ago the WordPress Version 5.8 was released - more than 320 tickets on Trac and 1,500 pull requests on GitHub were adressed

see more at the tatum release-notes

WordPress 5.8 Development Cycle

whats new in WordPress 5.8:

What’s New in WordPress 5.8 (Features and Screenshots)

https://www.wpbeginner.com/news/whats-n ... reenshots/

What’s New in WordPress 5.8 (Full Site Editing, WebP Images, Global Styles and Settings, and Much More)

Full Site Editing, WebP Images-Support, new Template-Editor-features: Global Styles and Settings;

-Full Site Editing Features in WordPress 5.8
-WebP Support in der WordPress 5.8
-Template Editing Mode - stark ausgebaut:
-Templates - stored in WordPress DB as custom post types: wp_template;
-much Theme Blocks,
-Widgets controlled via blocks
-a better overview on the Page-Structure;
-many new Blocks and Patterns;
-Block-based Widgets Editor and Block Widgets in Theme-Customizer
-Block Editor Features- Block Settings and Styles; more options with theme.json
-Block API improvements
-many new Features for developer,

see more on https://wordpress.org/news/2021/07/tatum/

Full-Site-Editing (FSJ):

get WordPress 5.8 Tatum now

more Core-Site: https://wordpress.org/news/2021/07/tatum/

btw: see also the Awesome WordPress: a curated list of amazingly awesome WordPress resources, themes, plugins and shiny things. Inspired by awesome and awesome-php.


topics covered:
Core - WordPress-Core-Topics,
Themes and Framework:
Plugins: WordPress allready has got 58 TSD Plugins:
Custom Post Type:
Commandline: get in depth going infos
Books - Literature u. v. a. m.
see all the awesome Ressources and Awesome Wordpress things: https://github.com/miziomon/awesome-wordpress

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