Best game on Linux

If it doesn't relate to Debian, but you still want to share it, please do it here
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#16 Post by tothaa »

(I liked simutrans too, but it was faster on Windows)

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#17 Post by Dargor »

from what i remember and playing tremulous last night, savage is way better.

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#18 Post by Lavene »

Sorry guys, there exists but one true game: Tetris


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#19 Post by bruno.vitorino »

My current favorite Enemy Territory, it rocks!
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#20 Post by DeanLinkous »

Lavene wrote:Sorry guys, there exists but one true game: Tetris

and pong... :roll:

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#21 Post by <(DmC)> »


blobwars is the game that i enjoyed most. pretty oldschool, but i had many hours of fun and beat it three times in different difficulty levels ;)

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#22 Post by dmn_clown »

lbreakout2 trounces all but kbattleship.

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#23 Post by kinematic »

True Combat:Elite is very cool.
It's a mod of Enemy Territory so you'll need to have that installed as well.
here are some screenshots.
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#24 Post by Bulkley »


Openttd. Openttd uses Linux scripts to run the game, but also requires installing some data files from the original DOS game. I'd like to see more of this technique.

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#25 Post by ghostdawg »

Leisure Suit Larry...
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#26 Post by Fluenza »

ghostdawg wrote:Leisure Suit Larry...
I have that game for Macintosh. I only bought it because the retailer was going out of business and it was cheap. (I'm a software junkie)

I don't really play games. Don't know why, but I never really got into the whole video game thing. I have a few games on my machine that were installed with Gnome. I usually uninstall them, but I kept them this time for some reason. Of those games, I play Mahjongg, Aislerot Solitaire, and Five or More.

I also have a couple of games that were installed with KDE. I uninstalled most of the KDE games, but I do like to play Konquest once in a while.

I guess I probably play Mahjongg the most, so it gets my nod for best Linux game.
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#27 Post by Lavene »

ghostdawg wrote:Leisure Suit Larry...
Oh... Larry. One of the very few games I got totally hooked on way back when. I didn't have a PC at home back then so I stayed late after work to play Larry (3 I think it was) on my office PC. It took quite a few nights but I did solve it :)


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#28 Post by Hevoos »

Xmoto is wonderful, install it with "apt-get install xmoto".

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#29 Post by Paris Vanity Case »

well one needs dosbox to play it but UFO enemy unknown is "the" game.

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#30 Post by SpEcIeS »

Neverwinter Nights is one of my favorites. 8)

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#31 Post by amc »

DeanLinkous wrote:whats so funny? :wink:
there is no other purpose to a game but time wasting entertainment and one game wastes time at the same rate as another - so one is just as good as another
actually one game can waste much more time than another..

using debian lenny

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#32 Post by chrismortimore »

I can't decide between Mindrover and the various Freespaces. I'm loving them equally just now.
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#33 Post by GMouse »

SpEcIeS wrote:Neverwinter Nights is one of my favorites. 8)

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#34 Post by Xylock »

WoW - under Wine.

Ok, I know I'm not original, but on this very same machine it crashes approx every 20 mins under windows... havent had it crash yet as long as I stay away from the gfx menu under linux (known issue).

And PySol :D
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#35 Post by actionM »

Urban Terror 4
It's similar to counter strike but better(imo). And it's free.

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